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Greetings and welcome to NicoleMarieAnd. In addition to showing our community the best way to shop NicoleMarieAnd. approved items, we will uncover brands and products we adore, and reveal captivating highlights. 


This will serve anyone who needs an online platform that is carefully curated with motivating, absorbing, and relatable substance. Our team, led by Nicole Marie, is focused since 2014 on sharing experiences, engaging content, and helpful fashion tips. 

Now we have grown, and through this site want to showcase our services, and products, as well as sharing articles and content we love. 

1/2 of the and...

Isabella Morales

Art Director


20 yrs old, currently studying marketing. Firm believer of “Live your truth” own it, and be happy. Passionate about life and the art of fashion, its creativity, background and how it affects people’s state of mind.

Sophia Sanabria 

Communication Director 


She’s a “go for it” kind of girl, passionate for fashion industry and writing, daydreaming about it all the time. 20 years old, student of marketing and managing the communications of the #AndGang.

We are grateful to have you here with us!

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What we do?

Creative Direction

All the creative part behind each photo from the location, models, accessories and others.

  • Photography

  • Content Coordination

  • Location Scouting 

  • Modeling Scouting


Marketing and advertising strategy planning to maximize the reach of brands, products, stores and people.

  • Store Planning

  • Fashion Buyer 

  • Director 

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Merchandising 


From the organization of digital content, to the orientation and planning of showcases and spaces within stores.

  • Visual Merchandising 

  • Window Display 

  • Lookbook

  • Photography

  • Content Creation


Image consulting and personalized styling for people, photographic sections and events.

  • Styling

  • Image 

  • Social Media

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