We are a fashion marketing agency located in the Dominican Republic dedicated to creating strategies for brands and products related to the fashion industry with the sole purpose of maximizing their marketing potencial.

Nicole Betances


Studied Fashion Marketing and Merchandising with a minor on Fashion Photography in the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with the purpose of always returning to the Dominican Republic. Her desire to work hand in hand with local brands and designers gave her the vision to start an agency focused on the local and Latin American fashion industry.

Sophia Sanabria



With high experience in editorial writing and lover of the fashion industry, she studied merchandising and is currently dedicated to giving potential to the branding of the clients in the agency. Determined and motivated for the passion of the

Dominican talent. 

Isabella Morales


A merchandiser by studies but a fashion lover at heart. Her role in the agency is to showcase the high potential of the Dominican talent, portraying the fashion of the Dominican Republic in the view finder of the world, to be seen, admired and respected. 

Isabella Montalvo


From an early age she has been a fashion enthusiast and everything in between. She studied international business in London with hopes of coming back to the Dominican Republic to be a part of the growth and development of the local fashion industry. Driven by a constant desire to keep on learning and growing through the process.


We elaborate effective communication strategies to bring personality to

your brand. 

• Copywriting.


• Campaign Message.

• Communication Strategies.


We develop different marketing strategies to give potencial to your product and brand.

• Marketing studies and Investigations.

• Product Development.

• Packaging Development.

• Influencer Marketing.

• Marketing Plan.


In charge of all the visual conceptualizations. 

• Branding.

• Creative Campaigns.

• Creative Direction.

• Model Scouting.

• Location Scouting.

• Lookbooks y Visual Merchandising.

• Content Creation.


A way of lending a hand on all your creative processes.

• Social Media.

• Creative Process.

• We offer personal styling for you and your brand.​

• Brand Scouting.