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Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Nowadays brands don’t have it easy, consumers are more skeptical compare to years before and that’s why they must engage with the audience through experiences. They need to invite us to their world and give a little extra than just products.

Gucci knows that, they’ve reached the #1 place as the hottest brand according Lyst. They haven’t just launch great collections, their social media is dedicated to explote every piece of relevant content for the audience they’re trying to reach.

ASMR is a phenomenon of our times, is one of those trends we didn’t even thought would be “a thing”, but it is. And if you’re here reading this and you still don’t know what im talking about… go to youtube ASAP, to find out what ASMR is all about. It might me creepy or it might be enjoyable. No judgement.

So, Gucci has recognized the popularity of ASMR and has created what we know as #GucciASMR, a collaboration with video artists using the well known Ace Sneaker, and my only advice from here is… press that PLAY button!

By: Sophia Sanabria

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