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  • Isabella Morales

Glamour everywhere...

We’ve seen these trends ascend since not so long ago, so we can’t let them pass (will they actually?) without mentioning them: Bucket Hats (oh surprise!), Bush Shoulders, and…bet you can’t guess… Animal prints :)

Love all, different all.

Bucket hats, at a first glance, my first thought: Dad with his’ covering from the sun. Truth be told: gotta see it styled, then you’ll want it. It’s a modern yet vintage accessory adaptable to your personal style…Wut?…Keep on scrolling

Bush shoulder blouses…I’ll take one in every color. It’s a piece you can combine with any bottom and your outfit will level up, definitely.

Animal Print… this is a special one, it’s the one that comes and goes, and mixed feelings are involved, literally. I say one needs to know how to combine it, in order to werk it.

With their rapid increase millions of options (sizes, material, colors, designs) have come up, from many, many, many, brands and houses. Though this is good for our soul, but not so much for our cards, lucky for us with options of variety come options of styling.. one same piece.

Sure you’ve noticed them, and maybe you’ve followed them…so here are some proofs they’re a rising trend and some different ways to wear.


1. Bucket Hats

No news these are back. Sun up, sun down…we wear it.

Grunge style (Pinterest)

Vintage (Pinterest)

Chic (Pinterest)

See... Adaptable

2. Puffy Shoulders

Lover for all that’s extraaaa.

@santapalomard @manymoonss

@prudencekate @nicolemarienm

3. Animal Print

Fierce, say no more.

@camilacoelho @thassianaves

@iris.apfel @selenagomez

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