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Let’s see, literally!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Loving fashion is an extreme sport, therefore we must go deeper. Fashion industry has captured the reality behind magazine’s covers and brands campaigns in audiovisuals material. Taking the time to watch films and documentaries give us an inside view of the world we love so much.

Here’s a list of the films and documentaries you can’t miss according me and my journey through fashion.

-Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel

One of the most iconic persona in fashion industry. The Eye Has to Travel is the ideal way to know the history of Diana Vreeland, a legend of our days.

-The September Issue

We know this is a big deal, like…huge! In this documentary Anna Wintour as the editor in chief of Vogue Magazine explains trough the real experience of the September issue 2007 what it takes to create the most important issue of the year.

-Devil wears Prada

Time to have some fun! This film is a dramatic comedy and trust me when I say you will cry and definitely you’ll laugh over and over. It’s a fictional story but still a reflection of fashion industry and the editorial world. I’m pretty sure you’ll get out of this movie with some sassy quotes.

-In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye

I guess this one of those things you recommend saying: “I cannot say nothing girl, just trust me”. Anyways, I must say the editorial side of fashion is not a piece of cake, and if I said fashion is an extreme sport… you go ask one of these women.

-Franca: Chaos and Creation

Picture me crying while just hearing Franca though her son’s camera in an intimate conversations with herself. Franca was the editor in chief of Vogue Italia, the platform she used to speak loudly trough the editorials about the most controversial issues we’ve been dealing as society.

It just take the right women with a clear vision and the sense of responsibility to take sensitive topics and transform the social criticism in art.

-7 Days Out: Episode 5

Oh my Dear Karl! You’ve been missed, and the episode #5 of 7 Days Out is the perfect way to remember this legend and the exquisite work he putted out there every single time…

- Chiara Ferragni - Unposted

We all know her… but do we? Sike! Unposted is the new documentary we can’t miss, it involves the life of the biggest fashion influencer: Chiara Ferragni.

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