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  • Isabella Morales

MUSTS in fashion, or any business.

Updated: May 7, 2020

Many don’t know where or how to start. In this article we sum up some basic, yet MUST steps one should follow in order to kickstart or push their business.


Who are you designing for? Who are you talking to? What is your brands personality?

It’s essential to know your source of inspiration, who are you talking to and why. We have to know this person from head to toe, be them for a day. Create a buyer persona and keep updating it, cause fashion is parallel to time. With this set, the rhode is going to be less difficult and you’ll create your DNA.


Always stay true to your DNA. Your story becomes your content, therefore your roots have to be defined to avoid any disconnection with your audience. The brand and it’s pieces tell a story, consumers fall in love with this story and respond to it with loyalty. How you tell this story is also key to engage. From the craftsmanship to the traffic in stores there’s a story to tell, a detail to communicate. Knowing where the pieces come from, gets clients attached and when they wear they wear them there´s no feeling like it.

As your brand grows, you should be able to play with your DNA, upgrading it, creating new conversations while letting people speak up and you must listen. Observe the consumer behavior and come up with solutions for what they’re asking for.

“Stay tune” -Remo Ruffini.


Believe in yourself, think BIG. It’s okay to feel fear when launching a campaign, collection, capsule, or something new, this means we expect something out of it. Courage in this first step is our best friend, it will allow us to grow.

Give your 200%, put on the table ideas out of this world, then pick your best and shape it. Bring it down to earth, create a mix of creativity with accessibility, a mix of fantasy but make it commercial authentic, think about your consumer. Go waaaayy back, fuse ancestral technology with innovations, make a trend and create something big and special.


Wether it’s a team of three or a team of 500 people, create an energy and keep it. Build a strong relationship, these are the people who will help you grow and expand, your day 2 day, and the ones who will accompany you all throughout this journey.

Interconnection between departments is key, and a good communication will make things a whole lot easier.

Recognize the talents you have, make them feel special, let them know they belong. Accept their mistakes and always treat them with kindness.


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