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  • Isabella Morales

On a makeup note...

Cada minuto tenemos una tendencia nueva, ya sea en moda, skin care, maquillaje, calzado, música... it’s nonstop! 

An industry that’s growing by the minute, it’s the Makeup Industry, which is great for them, but not so good for us 'cause we end up wanting all types of makeup, in every color, at any size.

But lately I’ve realized, specifically, the Eyeshadow Palettes have been rising up; colored ones, neutrals, shimmered, every kind. I’m actually really into the trend of the eyeshadow being the focus of the whole makeup, kinda’ gives a more natural and different touch.

Scroll some more to see some trendy & affordable palettes I’ve seen...

*You can just click in the picture to find the website where you can buy.

Makeup note: Go to Morphe or Colour Pop where you can find hundreds of the coolest eyeshadow palettes trending right now!

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