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Quarantine Mani-Pedi Check

We've spent these days concentrated in finding time to be productive, work, read, learn, and DIY. But the most important DIY of them all, which will help you during today and any tomorrow is to learn how to get a good mani-pedi down. During my time in college, there was no time (or money) to go out and get myself a mani-pedi in any salon, so it took for me to learn to perfect this technique. These are the 5 most important steps into nailing it all from home with the things you can find laying around.

1. Gather Everything First

Take the nearest nail polish, base coat, top coat, cuticle nipper, oil or cream, nail file, and buffer. Set everything in the space you will be working

Encuentra el pinta uñas mas cercano con su base, brillo, aceito o crema, lima, y pinzas. Coloca todo junto en el espacio en el que vas a trabajar.

2. Get Your Hands Mushy

Drench your hands and feet in a bucket of water so you can get rid of any cuticle excess, don't go overboard thinking you're the new manicurist in town. If you don't know how to do this, just clean what can me cleaned.

No dejes de empaparte las manos y los pies hasta que se te arruguen y puedas limpiar de todo el exceso de cutículas. No te vayas a emocionar mucho quitando, si no eres experta solo quita lo necesario.

3. Color Matters

If this is your first try color does matter. The darker the tone, the harder it is to keep a clean nail. Go ahead a find a "Marshmellow" or "Funny Bunny" so you can control the mistakes.

Si esta es tu primera vez el color importa. Mientras más oscuro el tono más difícil es de controlar entonces mejor encuentra un "Marshmellow" o un "FunnyBunny" para controlar los errores.

4. Thumbs go Last

A huge part of getting things "perfect" is making sure you leave your thumbs behind. This way you can lean on them to clean any excess nail polish or mess. Oh, and always get your pedi down first so you don't ruin your mani in the process.

Una parte super importante para lograr un manicure "perfecto" es dejar los pulgares de último. De esta forma puedes contar con ellos para limpiar cualquier desorden en el camino. A y que no se te olvide hacerte los pies

primero para que no te arruines el manicure en el proceso.

5. Shine Baby Shine

And of course...the MOST important part is the finale. Make sure you cover every inch of every nail with top coat and you're past the finish line.

P.S. Getting Seshe Vite's top coat is life saving!

Y parte MÁS importante es el último paso. Asegurate de cubrir cada centímetro de cada uña con brillo y ya pasaste la recta final. P.S. El brillo de Seshe Vite te cambiara la vida!

Now you have mastered the art of nail painting, you're welcome! Send over your results and share with us how you did your own.

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