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Reset your POV

Colaboración | Escrito por Mariví Pons Estudiante de Mercadeo de Moda en SCAD | Fundadora de la marca Shop Bold Talk


British Vogue chose the theme of “RESET” to showcase beautiful places that highlight “our re-discovered appreciation for the natural world.” Breathtaking landscapes were featured making the reader wish they were in Japan or Scotland’s peaceful sceneries that almost look as if they were taken right out of a movie. Where are people not wishing they were right now? Dominican Republic. Although the Dominican Republic is known for its multiple hues of blues and its paradisiac views, apparently the pristine beaches were not enough to make the build of the “Reset” theme. Instead the beaches at Samaná, were showcased filled with trash. 

Carmen Danae is the artist who captured the thoroughly discussed image. Despite the wave of controversy, she remains firm in her stance and the angle she chose to portray with her picture. “As an artist and environmentalist my job is to show what has been ignored,” she shared on her Instagram profile. British Vogue, on the other hand, has recently issued an explanation behind their reasoning for picking this picture to form part of the covers chosen. Although they describe the photograph as a call to action, they still fail to link it to the “RESET” theme; despite this being a very powerful image, it does not cohere to it.

Pollution is a very important topic, it is a worldwide issue; this is why I find myself questioning, why was it showcased in a biased manner?

If the theme were pollution, sustainability, or something down that line, the picture speaks a thousand words. However, why are all the other countries shone in a light of glory, when the Dominican Republic is shown, with no decoration, simply as trash. It makes me question the reason behind it, would you purposely harm a country’s tourism? A country whose annual GDP pertains mostly to this area. After the global pandemia has taken a toll on tourism around the world, I would be quick to think tourism would be impulsed instead of hindered. 

So Dear British Vogue,

You are a very respected publication, readers trust what you show; choose wisely what you portray, before you harm a country’s image. We invite you to see how Dominican creatives have given their own spin to the “RESET” themed cover, highlighting what encapsulates the true charm of our country. The Dominican Republic is home to the most beautiful beaches, to places that with no filter needed, are the personification of paradise.

Dominican Republic alone has the potential to be the epitome of the theme you chose, as long as it is showcased properly without any type of bias. If this was supposed to be a call to action, this was not the way to do it. You gave us an explanation, we deserve an apology. Next time you choose to show our country, highlight the warm weather, the multiple hues of blues, the paradisiac views, and the pristine beaches. Only then, will your reader truly know “RESET”.


Mariví Pons

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